Sistema de relevamiento de obras

Sistema de relevamiento de obras

The application allows construction controllers to take georeferenced photos with a brief description, which are sent to a web administration panel, facilitating access to information and enabling the system administrator to obtain truthful information in real-time. The system was used by engineers to perform controls on the works in the national project “Plan Belgrano,” and then offered as a service to private companies or public entities.

The 10 advantages of the works survey application are:

Facilitates the collection and management of real-time information on the progress of works, enabling more efficient and timely decision-making.

Improves the accuracy and quality of progress and works control reports thanks to the inclusion of georeferenced photographs.

Allows the monitoring of multiple works simultaneously on a single platform, simplifying and speeding up the work of works controllers.

Reduces the risk of errors and fraud in the registration of information thanks to the geographic verification of the location of the photographs taken.

Generates detailed and complete reports on the progress of works, facilitating the monitoring and control of investment.

Provides updated and real-time information to system administrators and customers, improving transparency and confidence in the project.

Facilitates collaborative work between different teams and areas involved in the project.

Improves efficiency and effectiveness in the management of project resources and budget.

Allows for early detection of problems in the works, reducing the risk of delays and additional costs.

Provides an innovative technological solution adapted to the current needs of the construction industry.

The importance of the works survey project:

The works survey project is important because it allows for a more efficient and effective management of the construction process of a work, which translates into a reduction of costs and execution times. In addition, the inclusion of technology in the process of works control and monitoring improves the transparency, quality and reliability of the generated information.

It is convenient to have a similar project, since the benefits of the works survey application are broad and applicable in any type of construction project, both at the public and private levels. Such a technological solution improves the ability of works controllers to detect and solve problems in the construction process, improving the quality and safety of the work. In addition, it improves the efficiency and effectiveness in the management of project resources and budget, resulting in a higher return on investment.


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