In this brief introduction, we will relate experiences based on the perspective of new members of Vortex, which we will conclude with an analogy that reflects the feelings of being part of said company.

We will start from the point of view of a person who, for the first time, works in the technology environment. By not having another similar experience, the nerves and anxiety grow moment by moment. It is only expected to arrive at the office for the first time and get to know the work environment, which was surprisingly pleasant since from the first moment, they made you feel at home. The first weeks were used to meet the members of the company, and he would start his first project in a fictitious way to understand the way of working in the company, and this is where a newbie begins with doubts, “Maybe I’m not ready”, ” Am I made for this? These are doubts that one has every day, but they are always overcome thanks to the fact that he always has a partner by his side who he can ask about his doubts, which motivates him even more to continue learning.

On the other hand, we will tell the story of a member who had the hard decision to choose between continuing in the company that was about to renew his contract, or taking a new path and leaving everything behind with the intention of growing personally. and professional.

This would not be an easy decision to make, but as time went by, he realized that it was the best thing he could have chosen, since upon joining Vortex he felt welcomed quickly, but above all, it would present him with new challenges, new ways of working. , new learning methods. For this person, the daily challenges are his motivation to continue growing, and this is where he can say that he made the right decision since he often has them in his new company.

Finally, we find ourselves in a story of a freelance programmer, who got his projects to work on different platforms, in which he managed his work time according to his schedule. Entering Vortex meant a great change since for the first time he would be part of a company in which he would have to meet a schedule, which did not create a problem for him but rather restructured his calendar. Perhaps changing his schedule was one of the most complicated things he had to go through, but nevertheless the great challenge was found in the fact of working in a team, since he was used to working alone. This could mean a reason for anyone not to be motivated, but on the contrary, he realized that it was better to work as a team since he could learn much faster and at the same time be able to transmit his knowledge.

Now that we know the personal stories of the three new members, it is necessary to know how they came to join Vortex, the experiences and learning that they have gained in this short time. The best tool for a programmer is the internet and its search engines, there they came across the company’s social networks, where through their publications they reached free courses taught by the same members of the same. After the course ended, registrations were opened to solve a challenge which, if they passed, would be interviewed, and then they would have to wait to find out if they were selected. After a week of waiting, they finally knew they had been selected, which made them nervous and anxious, until the day finally came to go to the office for the first time. In the first weeks, the most important thing was to meet who their colleagues would be on this journey, and simultaneously they prepared their first project for the company, where they learned agile methodology “Scrum”, to work as a team, that every project has its organization, that github had many more things than they had learned up to that moment, that you don’t have to be the hero and solve everything, that you will always have help from any member of the company when you need it, that you don’t have to keep what you know but to improve yourself day by day and learn new things to be better professionals, but above all, more than knowledge, human quality is of the utmost importance. Today they are finishing their first project for a client, with fears left behind, with new knowledge acquired and with a long way to go.

Now, as we promised from the beginning, we will leave an analogy generated by the new members which reflects their journey through Vortex.

Welcome aboard
We were there when the terrifying roar of Vortex woke us up announcing its arrival. We could then hear the unmistakable sound of the waves hitting the pier, getting even more raging as the ship got closer to shore. There was the captain, working side by side with each of the crew. Everything was there, we could glimpse it in the distance.
After days of uncertainty The order was given: “Personnel to your posts.” This only meant one thing: we would be part of this journey, of this great company.

And so it was that suddenly, as if possessed by a strange force, the ship sailed away from the shore, our safest area. With him he dragged our fears, insecurities, curiosities, desires and more. The journey began for everyone.

Our first day had arrived. Fear and other sensations threatened to reappear. We didn’t know anyone, we didn’t know each other either. We did not know very well what we would have to do, nor how. We felt that the ship was beginning to list dangerously for us, although the perception changed when our fellow travelers received us. Since then, they are the ones who instill security in us, who teach us, clear up our doubts, motivate, encourage, listen and accompany.

Vortex became a calm and transparent sea for us. It allowed us to learn to work as a team, it gave us the chance to solve real projects, it allowed us to feel part of the crew in a short time, express ourselves freely and be able to suggest, something no less. Even with so many lessons learned, the most important for us today is knowing that, regardless of the direction of the tide, the entire company pushes to the same place.

Agustín Amaya


Federico Arnau


Gastón Danielsen