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Nexbar is a bar management system that streamlines the beverage inventory process, allowing businesses to improve their efficiency and reduce waste. With Nexbar software, businesses can easily manage their inventory, track sales, and improve customer service.



All traditional purchases for the barbecue should be made in one place and from anywhere, to then be distributed to homes from a logistics center." ParriApp was designed and developed by the Vortex Software team in just four months. It is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, reaching over

sistema de relevamiento de obras

Sistema de relevamiento de obras

Our "Sistema de relevamiento de obras" provides a comprehensive solution for construction companies to efficiently gather and manage data on their projects. With this system, you can easily track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions that will help you complete your projects on time and within budget.

venado segura

Venado Segura

Venado Segura was launched in Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, a city with great aspirations for technological growth. The city's leaders have emphasized the use of technology to address social, information, and security issues. Citizens can download the mobile application from the official Android store and select the type of complaint

el asesor

El Asesor

The application is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and allows users to view the categories of businesses and services that are offered. When selecting a category, the application shows all the affiliated businesses, which can be filtered and selected to obtain more information about them. Through an administration

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