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Our Staff Augmentation service provides flexibility, professionalism, and speed to your team so you can grow and scale your projects.

Staff Augmentation

Having the right team is key to develop successful projects, and, as the projects enters into new faces, it is important to add new members to the team. 

Our staff augmentation services provides you with an extended team that works as part as your local team, attending daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers.

Fast and effective

Vortex extended team is a reliable, effective, and efficient way to increase the productivity of your development team and speed up your processes.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Dedicated team

Vortex´s developers are assigned to your specific team, and they won´t be allocated to a different project or account. You can be sure that our developers will be available at your needs throughout the entire development cicle.


Unlike outsourcing, augmenting staff doesn’t require companies to stick to specific tasks the entire duration of a project. IT managers can speak directly with augmented staff to discuss their progress and tasks can be reassigned at any point in the development phase with the consent of the worker.

Control and Oversight

Our team of engineers integrates with your team’s processes and reports to your team’s management. Vortex´s developers participate in your management´s daily meetings and report to them.


Ready to augment your team?

Our extended team is a proven effective and efficient way to increase your company’s productivity and speed up your processes.

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Our main goal is to develop cost-effective apps and provide tailor-made solutions for your business, working as an extension of your company to increase efficiency, lower costs, and deliver measurable growth.

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App Design



App Design



Our Work


CU (read “see you”) is a social media app where users can connect with friends and check what they are doing in real-time and their locations.


Drinks delivery application. Available for Android and iOS.


Uber like application. Available for iOS and Android.