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It allows to visualize the information of the lines in charge of the buses, in addition to the search and visualization of routes. It has a crowdsourcing system to keep the information updated through contributions made by the users themselves.

Google Maps | Firebase | MySQL | SQLite | JSON API | Offline support |GPS device tracking

more than 100,000 downloads


Workast is the best project management platform for Slack teams. Workast helps teams manage projects, tasks, events, clients and to-dos easily. Use your Slack account to sign up in less than a minute and keep track of work in both Slack and Workast, creating tasks quickly and seeing what needs to be done wherever you like to work.

Google Maps | Firebase | MySQL | SQLite | JSON API | Offline support |GPS device tracking

more than 5,000 downloads


Social network that allows you to connect with your friends and see what they are doing, what they want to do and where, at any time. You can organize events, outings and even share a car with Facebook friends. It allows you to locate your close Facebook friends. You can configure who you want to see and who can see you over a selected distance range.

Facebook SDK | Google Maps | Location tracking | JSON API | MySQL | Chat

more than 50 downloads

Cannabis y Salud

Innovative project that combines mobile apps and physical devices (beacons), for the control of the life cycle of the marijuana plants within the medicinal plantations. It counts with a blockchain system to keep the information unalterable, providing security and trust for the buyers (laboratories).

PostgreSQL | Blockchain | Firebase | Push notifications | Crashlytics | JSON API

In progress... 90%

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Native mobile App

Venado Segura

Native mobile App


Native mobile App