What is MongDB?

Introduction to MongoDB   What is MongoDB? MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented, NoSQL database system. One of its main features is that it allows us to save our structures or documents in BSON format (a specification similar to JSON). These types of databases arise from a great demand for […]

Ant Design

What is Ant Design and what are the best components? In the world of web development there are different ways to carry out the design in our web applications, an alternative is «Ant Design» which is a library that will help us in the construction of our projects through the […]

Differences between declarative and imperative paradigm

As a result of a previous post, I was asked to explain the difference between the declarative and imperative paradigms and if one is more efficient than the other. Thus, the easiest way to explain it that I can think of is with an example that I read in a […]

UIkit vs SwiftUI

UIkit vs SwiftUI If you are in the dilemma of what to use for your app, let me tell you my personal opinion on how to create interfaces within iOS. UIkit: UIkit is reliable, if you program natively you will know what is stable and robust, with which you can […]

¡Introduction to Nestjs!

Introduction to Nestjs NestJS is a framework for developing Node.js applications on the server side. It is written in TypeScript and provides an in-application architecture that enables more maintainable application development. Its architecture is quite inspired by Angular, which facilitates the work of the development team by not having to […]