Cannabis y Salud

Native mobile App

The Client

The client had the need to generate and assign tasks in the cannabis production process in its different stages and make this information visible through reports for all members of the production chain for decision making.

The Challenge

The challenge was to fully understand the production process (tasks, participants/responsible parties, products, measures to be applied) in order to represent it correctly both in the system and in the blockchain registry.

The Solution

A system was developed consisting of native applications for iOS and Android and a web management panel. The applications are used by the operator users who view the corresponding tasks, as well as the products and quantities that must be applied to certain batches. These tasks, products and quantities are managed from the web panel, where a historical record is kept for decision making.

The Result

As a final result, everything previously required by our client could be achieved. The application was published in the corresponding stores (AppStore and PlayStore) and put into production.