In computing, knowing how to use the Linux command console is essential, that is why I am sharing a series of basic commands so that you can learn and master the terminal.

Here are some of the commands you can start with.


pwd -> Current directory you are in


cd -> Change directory / folder


ls -> View the contents of a directory


cat -> View the content of a file


cp -> Copy a file


mv -> Move directories and/or files


mkdir -> Create a new directory/folder


rmdir -> Remove empty directories


rm -> Delete a file


touch -> Create a file


locate -> Locate a file


find -> Locates files within an archive


grep -> Search through the text in a file


sudo -> Allows to perform superuser tasks


chmod -> Assign or remove permissions to a file


apt -> Install/update a package


history -> View command history


man -> Shows the instructions of a command


wget -> Download files from internet


hostname -> Know the name of your host/network


Thanks for reading!

Gastón Danielsen

Full stack developer